Animals Lebanon and Tahaki launch the “Gotta Identify Them All” Campaign…

Animals Lebanon launched a new project which aims to map the pet shops, vet clinics, zoos and other facilities and places that are concerned with animals. Animals Lebanon is collaborating with and using Tahaki free crowdsource app. Animals Lebanon is working on identifying animals’ facilities, so that the Ministry of Agriculture can visit them and help them improve animals’ conditions!
To maximize the efficiency of the campaign, Animals Lebanon is calling on all Animal lovers for helping its staff and volunteers by locating these places through the tahaki crowdsourcing app, which is a free and easy app that allows anybody to send information about a certain location and attach pictures automatically.
To use Tahaki Crowdsource app to determine the location of animals:
  1. Download Tahaki Crowdsource App: (AndroidiOS)
  2. Create an account.
  3. Join  Animals Lebanon project.
 The results of this project is gathered in a unified map through which Animals Lebanon reviews the information coming from people involved in this project and determines the accuracy of this data and ensures its credibility.
Tahaki Crowdsource App is a free tool that allows NGOs to  literally turn everyone into an activist by crowdsourcing their insights. The mapping effort becomes a collaborative tool that boosts civic commitment and generates knowledge for improved outcomes.
Tahaki Crowdsource Application enables the NGOs to:
  • Build a simple map questionnaire in seconds using ( ).
  • Share a public link to collect descriptive, location and image data from community.
  • Allow users to contribute through a simple mobile app in real time or offline mode    (AndroidiOS)
  • Validate data entered by users.
  • Share resulting Crowdsource map with your community.
  • Join other Crowdsource maps in your community.


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