Lebanon Eco Movement launched a new initiative in cooperation with tahaki

Lebanon Eco Movement launched a new initiative in cooperation with Tahaki in order to protect the nature from environmental violations and to preserve sensitive and critical areas.
The Environmental Observatory launched its new project to document the environmental violations all over Lebanon, so that violations are supported by pictures and then displayed on the geographical map to show the overall situation and give insights about the big picture. The environmental observatory allows volunteers to determine the places of violations and to report them.
Through the “Environmental Observatory” project implemented using tahaki Crowdsourced map, you can document the following violations:
  • Wastes: random dumpsites, indiscriminate burning and landfilling.
  • Air pollution: caused by factories and power generators which don’t adhere to health standards.
  • Water Pollution: that result from sewage, and industrial liquid waste.
  • Soil erosion:  caused by quarries, embankments, sand mining and haphazard construction.
  • Infringement on beach, such as embankments and haphazard construction, in addition to dumping sewage water into the sea.
  • Infringement on biodiversity, such as indiscriminate land and sea hunting.
  • Infringement of forest wealth, such as firing, grazing and logging.


In order to use “Tahaki Crowdsource” in monitoring and documenting environmental violations, and to be involved in maintaining our environment healthy and clean, void of pollution, violation and distortion: please follow these steps:

  1. Install the application (Tahaki Crowdsource App) from (Play Store) or (Apple Store)
  2. Create an account on the Tahaki app.
  3. Join “Environmental Observatory – monitoring environmental infringements” project.
  4. Start monitoring and publishing violations and documenting its occurrence hour through determining its type and details and adding pictures of it’s place.

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