Tahaki brought in the geography dimension to #Tech4Freedom

#Tech4Freedom is an amazing initiative by Samir Kassir Eyes (SK_Eyes) and UNESCO to bring together tech companies in Lebanon along with Civil Society Organizations from the MENA region. Tahaki participated in the  event bringing in insights about the value of location based platforms for humanitarian and development work. The 2-day event supported by Berytech, brought a great mix of minds and passions. The event offered long hours of fun, engaging, serious and long discussions with lots of enthusiasm to make a difference in the MENA using Web, mobile, maps and social media tools.

Tahaki brought in the geography dimension to the discussion, demonstrating how NGOs can better collect, visualize and analyze their data using Tahaki mapping platform. Tahaki with both its free and paid services, offers a one-stop-shop to NGOs to manage their work in a more efficient way. Tahaki addresses the NGOs need for a centralized and structured way of collecting their data from the field and later on analyzing it through time and geography.

Tahaki offered itself as a collaborative tool that allows different NGOs to work together on any development topic and to share their knowledge and findings through visual maps.

The event was a great opportunity to discuss how ICT can benefit NGOs in the region through their work in humanitarian, advocacy, democracy, governance and human rights. Ideas for new innovative services and applications utilizing Tahaki came as an output of the event.

Tahaki team is excited to pursue the work with NGOs from Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt that were matched with Tahaki during the event. More on that soon.

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