“We Love Tripoli” organization documents Tripoli Places using Tahaki Crowdsource App.

Mapping the City” is an initiative launched by We Love Tripoli that aims to promote urban culture in Tripoli and shed the light on its common and public spaces through maps.
The project aims to map all historical culture places in the city (Squares, Plazas, Parks, Theaters and Cinemas,..), We Love Tripoli‘s volunteers and activists will use Tahaki Crowdsource App to take photos and share stories about the places.
The first phase of the initiative was organized on November 20, 2016 at the Mina area and started by mapping old cinemas.
Through Tahaki Crowdsource App (AndroidiOS) any person can be a volunteer and participate in promoting urban culture initiative using the free tools from tahaki, to seed data, photos and documents about their favorite places or about a memory in history of Tripoli.
To use Tahaki Crowdsource app to determine the ” favorite places in your city” and to succeeding  the project “Mapping the City 1 – Cinemas“, you must follow this steps:
  1. Download Tahaki application (Tahaki Crowdsource App) from (Google Play) or (Apple Store)
  2. Create an account.
  3. Join Mapping the City project
  4. Start Sharing your data and photos of city wish shown directly in the map.

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