Our Story

It all started with an idea! To put the hidden value of location in the hand of anyone, anywhere, at any time. Since the establishment of ArabiaGIS in 2001, we believed in democratizing location-based services by making it available and accessible to everyone.


Enabled by the revolution of the internet, the wake of social media, and the rise of the cloud, tahaki was conceived in 2015 and launched in 2016. As a social platform, tahaki enables you to turn information-rich data into actionable results, by using the power of location. Our tools are simple, secure, affordable, and tailored to your local needs. The Arabic name tahaki embodies the ability to “simulate” a complex situation, and start a “conversation” around it.


As the MENA region has its un-fair share of challenges, the start was with the civil society activists who face many barriers in the way of their efforts, both internal and external. Today, there are stories to be told and lives to be touched.


So, if you are a concerned citizen who is fed up with reckless driving accidents, or an NGO who lobbies for protecting women from physical abuse and dreams about a viral campaign that can dramatically change things, or a CSO with a project that aims at serving a huge base of beneficiaries and struggles with the limited resources of time, budget, and personnel, then just think of tahaki as your partner.

  • With tahaki, You can make communities see and engage in conversations about the big picture by mapping a hot topic or narrating a social story.
  • With tahaki, You can turn everyone into an activist by crowdsourcing their input.
  • With tahaki, You can save time, money and effort by managing complex field operations and beneficiary information.

To make a long story shorter, tahaki is here to help you do what you do….only better.